Freitag, 5. September 2008

Schicht-Arbeiten: God’s Great Paper World

Vernissage 4.10.08, ab 19 Uhr
Galerie Time, Wollzeile 1-3, 1010 Wien

Lambda metallic prints. Installation.

Die globale Papierproduktion im 21. Jahrhundert. Ich habe meine Fotos vor mir und denke an Margaret Bourke-White und ihre Fotoreportagen “Power and Paper” für Newsprint in den 1920er und -30er Jahren: “International Paper is obviously passing through a highly formative transitions period. The bulk of its paper business is being transferred from scattered, high-cost production units in the United States, to concentrated low-cost units in Canada possessing the benefits of cheap power and enormous timber land reserves. ....”

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